Layer Recognition, Purging, and Colors

Print2CAD Training Video #4-1


  • Recognition of the Layer Structure
  • Assign the PDF Layer Structure to DWG or DXF
  • Sort Elements on a Separate Layer According to Entity Color
  • Sort Elements on Separate Layers According to Entity Line Weight
  • Purge Short Distance Polyline Vertexes and Generate Polyline (Data Reduction)
  • Delete Short Lines (Data Reduction)
  • Generate Circles and Arcs
  • Assign RGB Color Space
  • Assign 256 Index Color
  • Assign First 10 Index Color
  • Assign Uniform Color to All Elements
  • Assign Line Weight to Entities
  • Hatch Conversion
  • Delete all Hatches
  • Convert Boundary of Hatch
  • Sort Hatches onto the Layer