Vectorization 4:
Different Raster 2 Vector Parameter

Enhanced Vectorization Settings

This menu is used when you want to refine the vectorization of raster images. A firm understanding of vectorization methods is necessary here. To set the optimum settings for different scan types, please click one of the buttons in the middle of the interface.

Parameter: Maximum Line Weight in Pixel

The maximum line weight is an important parameter for a line and hatch recognition and for closing a gap jump. With the help of this parameter the vectorization can separate pixel traces from the pixel areas and use different vectorization methods. A parameter uses the thickest line width in your raster picture (simply zoom in to detail and count pixels on the screen).

Parameter: Minimum Pixel Groups Length

  • With the help of this parameter you can clean up the free pixels or fill the holes in pixel traces.
  • All pixel groups with a length less than or equal to the specified number “B” get purged.
  • If you activate the function, “Fill Holes in Pixel Traces” under “Vectorization 1” or “Vectorization 2”, this same parameter will be used also for max. hole size in the pixel trace.

Parameter: Smallest Single Line after Raster to Vector

This parameter allows to delete small separate lines after raster to vector method “center line tracing”. This parameter will be used only for long pixel traces. Small and middle pixel traces will not be cleaned with the help of this parameter.

Parameter: Angle Tolerance for Horizontal, Vertical and 45 Degree Line Detection

This function allows to define max. angle change between the beginning and the end of a polyline after “Center Line Tracing” for the detection of Horizontal, Vertical and 45 Degree lines. If the start and end angle is in the tolerance, the program will check that all vertexes are on a single line using the smoothing tolerance.

Parameter: Smoothing Tolerance in Pixels

This parameter is the tolerance in pixels for the smoothing iterations.

Parameter: Smoothing Angle Sensitivity

  • This parameter should be more than 45 degrees and less than 90 degrees. If the angle between two vertexes is bigger than this parameter the smoothing will not done.
  • This is important for keeping the edges in polylines after “Center Line Tracing.”

Parameter: Iteration Number for Smoothing

The number of smoothing iterations can be adjusted. The more iterations, the smoother the polylines will be. On the other hand, it is possible that important corners in the drawings will disappear.