PDF Analysis before Raster To Vector

The raster in vector method allows the user to vectorize raster images in PDF or in TIFF, JPEG, and so on. To Vectorize means that after conversion in the CAD system that lines, polylines, circles, and arcs can be edited instead of the raster images.

Start the Print2CAD analysis and look at the separated raster images.

An important question before the application of the raster in vector method is, "What is the width of the pixels and will the texts be displayed in a raster image?"

The direction of the texts in the raster images is important. If all non-native texts are in the same direction, the fully automatic text recognition can be applied. If the texts are in different directions, then only the extended text recognition can be applied.

Using this analysis, you can also see the quality of the raster image by increasing the detail up to 2000%. Here is the rule: what you see is what you will get.

Another important observation is whether the contours are unique in the raster image. If this is not the case then contouring must be switched on.