CAD Standard Scripts

“Script Files” are an efficient way to complete repetitive work. They are suitable for special, repetitive work that requires no intervention by the user.
The program CADInLa uses CAD compatible scripts.
A script file is a text file containing CAD commands. While a script file is being processed, CAD will gradually read the commands from the file and execute them. A script file must therefore contain exactly the same characters that you would otherwise enter.
When executing scripts, the order of commands and responses plays an important role. Some CAD applications insert their own queries when starting CAD.

CAD User Scripts

Initial Scripts

Initial scripts are executed immediately after opening a file. CADInLa distinguishes between 2 cases - there are dimensions and hatches in the drawing and there are no dimensions and hatches in the drawing. Thus, dimension or hatch sensitive scripts can be eliminated as needed. If you do not want to distinguish between these two cases, simply enter the same name in both windows.

Import DWG or DXF Prototype

A CAD DWG/DXF file is inserted in the drawing.

End Scripts

These scripts are executed just before closing a file.