Optimization 4:
Normalization of Text Heights

Normalization of Text Height

  • With the help of Print2CAD, text height can be normalized in the converted DWG or DXF file. This is done by specifying the height ranges of text and assigning common text heights to these ranges. Existing text heights can be measured with the integrated PDF viewer, PVG.View.

Optimize Text Heights Automatically

  • Print2CAD calculates 5 text height ranges and changes the text height into the middle text height from each range.

Optimize Text Heights Based on Following Table

  • In this interface the text ranges can be defined by the user. The text height unit is the PDF viewer unit. In the US is it usually an inch and in Europe a millimeter. The new text height should always have the smallest height of the specified range to make the text look smaller instead of bigger after the conversion. Doing so improves the optical impression (e.g. the text does not exceed the frame).

Parameter: Application Area

  • The Text Height conversion can be done for all text in the converted drawing, for OCR recognized text, or for native PDF text.