Solidization and Contourization of Raster Pictures

Print2CAD Training Video #3-2


  • Solidization of Raster Pictures
  • Fill Small Holes in Pixel Traces
  • Fill all Holes in Pixel Traces
  • Close Open Pixel Traces
  • Cleanup of Free Pixels
  • Thicken Pixel Traces
  • Thin the Pixel Traces
  • Assign Chromatic Colors to Layers
  • Enhanced Recognition of Hatch Boundaries
  • Repair Raster Pictures Using Blurring
  • Vectorize Small Elements as Lines
  • Convert Digital Photos as Hatch Entities “Solid”
  • Output Images in Original Resolution
  • Limited Dimension of Raster Pictures
  • Handle Raster Images in Black and White
  • Handle Raster Images in RGB or Index Colors
  • Ignore White Color
  • Contour Finding and Cartoonize Digital Photos
  • Contour Finding Methods
  • First: Canny Method
  • Second: Sobel Method
  • Third: Shaar Method
  • Fourth: Laplace Method
  • Fifth: Cartoonization