Raster To Vector Methods

Print2CAD Training Video #3-1


  • Vectorization of Raster Pictures
  • Center Line Tracing Method
  • Outline Tracing Method
  • Center Line Tracing and Outline Tracing Method Combination
  • Vectorize Medium Details Using Separate Method
  • Vectorize Small Details Using Separate Method
  • Close Open Pixel Traces
  • Cleanup of Free Pixels
  • Repair Raster Pictures Using Blurring
  • Double Resolution During Vectorization
  • Straight Line Recognition
  • Circles and Arcs Recognition
  • Assign Chromatic Colors to Layers
  • Enhanced Recognition of Hatch Boundaries
  • Fill Small Holes in Pixel Traces
  • Fill All Holes in Pixel Traces
  • Thicken Pixel Traces
  • Thin the Pixel Traces